The Library

The library is the learning resource of the school. It contains print and non-print media. Students are encouraged to use it to supplement their textbooks and classroom studies.

The procedure and details pertaining to the effective use of the library are explained to the students, class by class, by the librarian at the start of each school year. These regulations must be followed. Violations are subject to fines and/or suspension of library privileges.

Health Services

The school physician and dentist make annual check-up examinations of all students. From their findings, they recommend to parents what special health care(s) to give their students.

A full time nurse attends to minor injuries, ailments and emergency at the school clinic. Students who fall ill during class time can go to the clinic. Generally, the nurse contacts the parents concerned to get their instruction for preferred arrangement, such as whether they would come to school or send someone to get them or what medication to give and not to give.

Tooth extraction is free when done during dental clinic hours.

The students are covered by an accident insurance.

Guidance Services

Guidance service utilizes all members of the teaching staff working through the homeroom advisers, with the guidance counselor working with them and coordinating the various components of the program. In addition to student inventory, information and orientation services and testing service, the counselor conducts group guidance and individual counseling sessions to help students with learning and behavior problems to overcome or minimize them.

For senior students in the high school, guidance office offers educational and vocational information in the choice of schools and courses to take in college.

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