Covered Court’s Extension on the Rise

More and more Trinitarians are joining the sports craze! After class every afternoon, the school ground is teeming with athletes who are practicing and honing their skills be in basketball, track and field, football, volleyball, to mention some.

With the number growing each year, the school admin realized that the Grace Activity Center (covered court) is not enough to accommodate them.

But there is always the good news. October 25, 2017 is a very remarkable day for all Trinitarians. The construction for the extension of the covered court has started.

This is in line with the school's vision to offer quality sports training to all athletes and to accommodate the growing need for a bigger venue for hosting school affairs.

Ever since its construction, the Grace Activity Center has been a blessing to all Trinitarians and to other sports enthusiasts around. The covered court has been the favorite venue of sports practices, a venue for school basketball competitions and a favorite of other basketball fanatics around Bacolod City.

It spacious and well ventilated thus, a favorite practice ground for everybody.

This extension project is courtesy of the Trinity Christian School Alumni Association spearheaded by its president, Mr. Mark Gomez. We thank them for their full support to the school.