TCS Run as One at Forty One

October 21.2017. Weather reports forecasted a rainy day for Bacolod City. The day before that, the rain poured the whole day, the skies were clothed with dark gray clouds and a depressing feeling permeated the air.

But Trinitarians prayed and prayed so hard for the rain to stop during the fun run day. And Indeed God in His awesome powers performed a miracle. He stopped the rain during the event.

A miracle has happened and God be praised for what He did.

Around 1,520 participants congregated at the TCS school grounds as early as 5AM just to join the Fun Run. The activity kicked off the 41st Founding Anniversary of the school.

The numbers of participants have almost doubled compared to that of last year which was only 800.

The Triunity Run 2017 with the theme TCS Run as One at Forty One was spearheaded by the TCS Alumni Association and the school's Supreme Trinitarian Council.

Ever since its conception 5 years ago, the fun run is the most awaited event every year, with each participant looking forward to receive a medal after reaching the finishing line (but of course this is not true to all for medals are only limited).

Nevertheless, it is always a day of fun and sweating out for all Trinitarians. Fathers and mothers, some lolos and lolas and even yayas are joining the fun.

All participants received a finisher's kit after completing the run courtesy of the event's sponsors.

The school's alumni also joined in the activity with some of them winning race.

Trinitarians continued the fun by joining the Zumba dance workout after the awarding of winners.

This event would not be successful if not for the support of our sponsors. We would like to thank them for making the event a successful one.

Major Sponsors: Merzci , Bacolod Steel Center Corp., IECC Computers, SKT Digital, Sharp Digital Copier, My Channel, Transfer it Design Shirt, Villa Angela, Munsterific, Meganox, Aguamenti! Kamikuzo Laundry Services, Golden Fuel, City, Bacolod Columbia Marketing

Minor Sponsors: Sprint Ads, Chooks to Go, 888 Premier, Nestle, Olympia Auto Supply, Iida Farms Turmeric, GSK: GlaxoSmithKline, Dunkin Donuts, Paracetamol Tempra, Karolina Alicia Cuaycong, Bacolod Cityville Realty Corporation, Arising Builders, City Glass

The school also expresses gratitude to all student, coach and teacher volunteers who worked behind the scene for the fun run to push through.

Special thanks also to the Riverside College Medical Team.