TCS Wins in International Math Tourney

Congratulations to Mark Gomez Jr., a grade 4 student of Trinity Christian School for receiving a High Distinction Award in the Australian Math Competition.

The AMC was given to all participating schools nationwide last August 2017. He was one of the 3000+ students who took the exam and emerged a winner in the said contest.

He received his award last October 19 at St. Jude Catholic School in Manila.

Mark has been a consistent math awardee. He is a member of the Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG), a society for all math enthusiasts in the country. They are given advance math problems to prepare them for local, national and international math competitions.

He is also a regular winner of the MTAP Dep Math Challenge and also a member of the Philippine Team who competes outside of the country.

Last year, he won a gold medal in the individual event and a championship trophy in the group event during the International Mathematics Wizards Challenge in Bangkok, Thailand last July 20-24.