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Busy September!

After the NOPSCCEA month kicked off, Trinitarians have been very busy dividing their time between school works and honing their sports skills for the various NOPSCCE A sports competition; and their efforts really paid off.

It was a sweeping victory for Trinitarians last September 17 to 18, 2011 as they dominated the Badminton and Taekwando sports competition. Competing against the big schools in the city, their dominance in the court can't be underrated. Leading the lists of champions in the Taekwando event are:

Joshua Danielle A. Rosalia

Julienne Ysabel Y. Bermejo

Kathleeen R. Dinsay

Irene Therese Y. Bermejo

Jimbrey John P. Chua

Not to be outdone are the Badminton Elementary Boys, High School Girls and Boys Badminton Teams who topped the competition:

Badminton Elementary Boys

Van Vincent C. Celdran
Lance Gabriel A. Vargas
John Daniel C. Ababao
Vincent Mari G. Lo Henares
Eldrick Paul C. Tan
John Christopher A. Vargas
Carl Jericho C. Tan

Badminton High School Girls

Jan Eriqa L. Paltriguera
Karina D. Parreno
Aizyl Joy L .Anuales
Jessma Clarice E. Ramos

Badminton High School Boys

Gerald Anthony M. Genoguin
Neil Angelo F. Pelongco
Ken Michael A. Amantillo
Kier Julian M. Genoguin
James Dominique C. Ababao
John Christian M. Genoguin

Adding to the list of achievers are the Badminton Elementary Girls who garnered 2nd runner-up;

Reza Marielle Patricia R. Tolosa
Sosmita Ramos
Leoj N. Derayunan
Lyka N. Derayunan
Faith G. Ta-ala
Donica Mae B. Buerom

Meanwhile, Chloe Bernadette E. Limson won a bronze medal in the 2011 Society for the Advancement of Karatedo Sports Philippines, Karatedo Invitational Tournament last September 17, 2011 at Taguig City.

All hyped up, there is no stopping for these Trinitarians to excel in sports because they are all motivated, the school and their parents are supporting them all the way, and it's their personal drive for excellence that pushed them beyond their limits.