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Book Fair Safari Visits TCS

Squeals of delight from Trinitarians filled the main lobby as they start flocking the book exhibit long before all the books are displayed. From August 15 to 19, the Scholastic Book Fair is in the school, bringing with them new book titles. Thousands of books are on display and Trinitarians will have the chance to read and browse through these books on display.

The opening ceremony was one big event for the level 1 students as they have a close encounter with Clifford, the big red dog and the mascot of the book fair.

The theme for this school year's event is Book Fair Safari and the level contests include poster and puppet making, and paper plate painting. On top of these activities are the quiz bees of the elementary and high school students.

Book fair such as this gives opportunity to students to appreciate reading with the Scholastic's display of colorful and informative books that cover a wide array of subjects. Trinitarians just can't get enough of the exhibit as they keep on coming back during their vacant time and browse through the collection with all the intention to buy the book after.

Small kids use their charm and coax their parents to buy the books on their wish list, while others simply use their school allowance to buy such.

As part of the big bang celebration of the founding anniversary of the school, the school invited public school students from Vista Alegre-Granada Relocation Elementary School (VAGRES) to come and share with the festivities. They were toured around the campus and were given the chance to stay and enjoy the collection of the main library. A story-telling session was conducted by Teacher Jabez Oberez as the storyteller.

The Scholastic Book Fair is one just of the series of the year long activities of the school as it turns 35 years old.