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First Gradng Exams On

The wheels of days are turning so fast that in a few days, the first grading exams are on. These are busy times for all Trinitarians as they are beating deadlines for projects and homework. Whatever extra time they have will be used in preparing for their exams.

"Tough times never last but tough people do". True-blooded Trinitarians are tough. They don't usually falter when waves of challenges hover around them. Instead, they take these challenges as an opportunity to blossom and become responsible persons.

"I am thankful to the rigorous training I have when I was still in TCS. When I was in college, while my classmates were having difficulty memorizing a lot of words, I find it a breeze because I'm used to memorizing a lot of memory verses especially in my Bible and Chinese classes". One alumna remarked.

The periodic exams are one of the highlights of the school year. This is the time of the year where students are gauged on how far they have gone with their lessons and how receptive are they in their studies. It is expected that as early as this time, some would make it with flying colors; other would just stay on the average while others would lag behind. That's why it's important that Trinitarians should take their studies seriously.

Indeed, one does not have to be very smart and very intelligent to be in TCS. While the school boasts of a number of Trinitarians who excelled in international competitions, all it takes for a student to join the Trinitarian community would be a positive character. Building a regular study habit is one trait to develop. Never fail to study every night. Submit your homework and project on time. Listen to your teacher. Take down notes. Be resilient.

Meanwhile, after the first grading exams, Trinitarians will be having extracurricular activities. There will be the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika and the Scholastic Book Fair, all in the month of August.