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Trinitarians Join In the Fun of the Track and Field Day

The sweltering heat of the sun did not deter Trinitarians to flock in the Panaad Stadium last July 15, 2011 to celebrate the yearly Track and Field and Day. As early as 7AM Trinitarians started to congregate in the said venue, wearing their class colors and bringing with them their jug of cold water and food to sustain them throughout the day. Perhaps the most excited of the entire group were the Preschool students, especially their parents who were eager to witness their children run, jump and have fun throughout the day.


Ready, set,bang! And the game began with the preschool kids running with all their might to reach the finish line. Enthusiastic parents were at the sides cheering and coaxing their kids to run fast. Some kids were hesitant to run, some cried, others decided to walk (although they were instructed to run) while others joined the excitement and just ran with all their might!

Oh! If only parents could join the contest - for sure they would gladly run in behalf of their kids.

The fun continued all throughout the day with the elementary and high school students sharing the limelight. To say that it was a very hot day was indeed an understatement! It was so hotta hot that Trinitarians frequented the ice-cold stands to quench their insatiable thirst for water and shakes and juices.

For some families, the day became a family outing since some moms and dads took a leave from their busy work schedules and spent the day just lazing around with their children in the park.

Cheers and hoots from the spectators erupted from time to time as close competitions were seen among the contesting teams. And yet amidst the neck to neck competitions, a friendly rivalry and a spirit of camaraderie pervaded in the air.

Some lost, some won, and there were those who were not affected at all by the activity. And yet one thing's for sure- it was a welcome break to all Trinitarians as they left their busy school schedules for a while and just simply indulged in one healthy and gratifying activity.