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4th Year Tritinarians Attend Bible Retreat

Retreat... retreat...

To middle school Trinitarians, this activity has become a part of their work schedule. In fact to most of them, this is a welcome respite to their busy school life. At this particular time of the year, Trinitarians pause and spend time soaking themselves with the word of God.

The fourth year class had an early retreat this year that took place last July 11 to 14, 2011. The first day of the activity was school based with their theme for this year "Treasures for Eternity". Different speakers talked about different topics in relation to the theme but most of them used some illustrations and thoughts taken from the "Book of Secrets" by Max Lucado. Trinitarians were divided into groups and these people stayed together all throughout the activity.

It is common knowledge that students have their own peer groups which they spend their vacant times with. They have become comfortable with each other and most of them would rather stay with them during the activity. "That's why it is important to regroup them once in a while so that they can get to interact with others apart from their usual friends." One teacher commented.

"It is also important that these Trinitarians establish deep friendships among their classmates. Eventually they will exit themselves from TCS, thus its but fitting that they will remain friends all throughout their lives", another teacher added.

But the retreat was more than this notion. There's more to it especially the building up of an intimate and deep relationship with the Lord Almighty. Each student must be deeply soaked with God's word to guide them in their daily lives. They must be fed with the Word of Life that comes through Bible expositions, lectures and group dynamics.

Just a couple of months more and these fourth year students will be leaving the school for their college life. That's why it's but essential to arm them with Bible truths and that they know how they stand before the Lord.

With the rigorous workload they have in school, it is also imperative that they be reminded of their responsibilities as children of God and this would mean they have to be good stewards of their education.

For the remaining part of the retreat, they went to CICM in Talisay, a retreat center just a couple of walks away from the seashore. Verdant surroundings, peaceful environment permeated with the sea-salt breeze and the oh- so- idyllic retreat atmosphere made the retreat very meaningful and fruitful.