S Trinity Christian School News



Summer is over. New School Year Begins!

Summer breeze is over! Rainy season is around the block and that means it is the opening of classes!

There is always this excitement in the air every time classes are about to open. Students are excited to buy new school supplies, new shoes, new bags and new uniform. They are looking forward to meet their friends and classmates and share warm stories of their vacation and places they have been to.

Parents will once again face another financial challenge as they will not only be paying for the tuition fees of their kids but they have to think of the daily baon and food they have to prepare.

For teachers, the new school year means new students to teach, new lessons to prepare and another opportunity to reach out and educate young minds.

The school has been preparing a lot in anticipation of this brand new season. Grasses have been cut, walls painted and grounds spruced up to warmly welcome students.

May this be a very promising year for the Trinitarian community. And may everyone involved will start this new school year with a new perspective: for students to establish a daily study habit and be motivated to do well in school; for teachers to impact students to become better persons; for the school administrators to be guided with wisdom on how to manage the school and the for the Lord Almighty to bless and pour his wondrous blessings!

Welcome Trinitarians!