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January is Bible Emphasis Month

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path...

We all live busy lives. We wake up in the morning with the thought that we have to accomplish a lot of things for the day. And at night we go to bed exhausted and could hardly say our evening to prayers to God Almighty.

It's so easy to be carried away by the cares of the world. We have to work in order to survive. Every single moment is like a survival for the fittest. We are a people who are slaves of stress and anxieties.

To alleviate this situation, more and more people patronize spa services, some go into yoga and a big percentage indulges in sports. We spend a lot of money just to become physically fit.

Indeed we have to take care of our bodies. But do we also take good care of our spiritual lives? In our harried pace of life, do we still have time to read our Bibles? Do we still have time to talk with Him?

How do we balance our day to day activities? Where do we spend our time the most? Is communing with the Lord a big part of our daily activity or what is just left of our time for the day? A lot of people would remark that they go home tired each day that most of the times they whisper a prayer before going to bed at night and end up saying their amen the next morning.

D.L. Moody, in his personal walk with the Lord testified that the more work he had work for the day, the more time he needed to pray.

For Trinity Christian School, the month of January is Bible Emphasis month. Trinitarians are doing their share in spreading the Christian cheer and concern to others by sharing their blessings to their adopted schools. Preschool and elementary students have Bible related activities. High school students go for a 4 day hiatus - away from the hustle and bustle of school life by immersing themselves with the word of God through their Bible retreats.

If we only choose to open our hearts and our minds to the words of God through the Bible then we shall reap all the benefits earned on the cross. God's word offer solace in our grief, a vehicle for giving thanks, a strength to carry our load and most especially a reason to get up each morning and live life to the fullest.