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Groundbreaking Ceremony Highlights 33rd Foundation Week

This is it!

After more than a year of waiting and hoping and praying, the construction of the covered court will finally come to fruition. October 28 is set for the groundbreaking ceremony which will take place in the morning.

Benefactors of the project, the school board and other important people will grace the activity.

It took quite some time for the TCS Alumni Association to push through with the project because more funds are needed for the construction of the said edifice.

Mark Gomez, the president of the association will spearhead the activity together with hawtiu and the rest of the school board.

Raffle tickets will also be distributed as an income generating source of the alumni association to further finance the project at hand.

Meanwhile, various activities are lined up for this year's anniversary. Students from all levels have been very busy these past few weeks practicing their dances for the Chinese cultural presentation set on October 27 for the matinee show and the grand presentation which will be on October 29 at 6:30 PM.

The preschool pupils are all set for their playground demonstration on October 28 after the groundbreaking ceremony.

The STC officers are also doing their share by inviting food stalls to sell their wares. This in a way is also one of their fund raising activities.

The foundation week is also the venue for the yearly intramurals. Since last week, elementary and high school students have been competing with different levels for the championship slot.

Fellowship games for all levels, academic contests and a literary musical show for the elementary department, a family day for the Pre School are just some of the activities in the offing.

A thanksgiving worship service was held last Sunday October 25 at the Bacolod Trinity Christian Church as an acknowledgement to the faithfulness and sovereignty of the Almighty to the school.

Rev. Dave King talk about how we, as God's people should continue to be fruitful in our lives by being attached to the vine which the Lord himself.

The awarding ceremony will take place on October 30 in the afternoon. The semestral break will start on October 31 and Trinitarians will return to school on November 6.