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Christmas Season Is Here!

The holiday breeze has started to sip in. Carols hung in the air. Finally it's Christmas time! There is this indescribable feeling of excitement and joy every time we think of this season. We can expect that families and love ones will gather together, hugs and embraces will abound, food will always be present on the dining tables and gifts will be given and received.

But above all this merriment Christmas is the time to commemorate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season. What a joy it would be if we will center or celebration to the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

So what's in for this month for all Trinitarians?

Just a couple of days more and it will be the 3rd grading exams. So all Trinitarians are expected to give their best to their studies, submit their projects on time and meet all expected school works. The 3rd grading period is already crucial to those who have failing grades. This is the time for those Trinitarians to strive and be serious with their school works.

And of course, this Christmas season, all Trinitarians are looking forward to share their blessings to others. In the HS school faculty room, specially wrapped boxes have started to pile up - a proof that the high school students are already preparing for their outreach program.

For years now, Trinitarians have sacrificed having class parties in exchange for an outreach program to their adopted school. This year, their Christmas celebration will be highlighted with a close encounter with other students coming from a public school. They will be having a fellowship time with them, give simple snacks and of course share their special gifts to them.

For the elementary and pre school students, they will also have fun together with their outreach recipients.

Indeed this is one merry season to look forward to.