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TCS Faces Accreditation Week

November 15, 2010. To maintain quality education, Trinity Christian School will once again undergo the accreditation process in the elementary department. For several months, the teachers and staff have been very busy doing all the papers works required of them.


The school is a member of the Association of Christian Schools Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency Inc. (ACSCU-AAI) and the members of the accreditation team are all coming from the agency's member schools.

For the coming days, they will be going through the exhibits, conduct formal and informal interviews to students, teachers and staff as well the alumni and the parents. They will also observe classes and visit the outreach programs of the school.

Trinitarians warmly welcome the accreditors of the elementary department:

Dr. Guadalupe V. Abon (GdJC) - Chairman - Goals and Objectives, Organization and Admnistration

Ms. Meriam A. Alimpolo (SSHS) Faculty, Instruction, Laboratories

Ms. Sheila C. Suresca (FCC) Physical Plant and Facilities, Pupil Personnel Services, Social Orientation and Community Involvement

Ms. Catherine Villanueva (CPU) Library

INTERIM VISIT - High School and Preschool

Prof. Merle Junsay (CPU) High School and Preschool

Prof. Remy D. Dormido (rNEU) For Preschool program