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Fusion 5 Unearths Life's Lessons

The 5th Junior Seniors camp "Fusion 5" brought about life changing experiences for the third and fourth year students of the institution which was held last October 20 t0 23.

With this year's theme "The Ragged-Edge Reality" various topics were discussed by invited speakers with the objective to hone these Trinitarians to be ready to face the world outside the comforts of their own homes and institution by imbibing in them positive values.

The students were made to listen to talks that centered on becoming responsible persons by taking control of the tongue, how to maximize potentials, the reality of relationships to name some.

Group dynamics followed after each talk as an application to what they have discussed. It was also a way of encouraging them to bond with their teammates and exercise sportsmanship.

Friday was the busiest day for the participants as they prepared for their banquet. After the devotion, they did the marketing set within their budget, cooked the menu that they have planned, do the table setting and on top of that to dress up for the big event.