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Teachers Day blast!

September 28 is always a special day for all Trinitarians. Not only that this is the birthday of Confucius - the great Chinese teacher but this is also a special day for all teachers and staff.

The Supreme Trinitarian Council spearheaded by Leah Bargaso as its president, initiated a program dedicated to all teachers in recognition of their importance to the students' lives as second parents while here in school.

Some students sung, others performed their original rapped numbers, while others sashayed to the latest dance groove.

"Thank you our beloved teachers for guiding us to the right path, for believing in us and for pushing us to go beyond our limits in order to achieve better things, " one student commented.

"I really appreciate my teachers because they have been very patient with me", another student quipped.

Early in the morning, the campus halls were filled with students carrying balloons, small gifts and especially flowers. All these were given to their teachers as their token of appreciation.

A luncheon followed at the Golden Fortune, a Chinese restaurant. This was a treat to all teachers, staff and coaches given by the TCS Board of Trustees under the Chairmanship of Mr. Manuel Reyes.

Plaques of Appreciation were given to teachers and staff who have been in the school for more ten, fifteen and 20 years: They are:

     Teacher Zerah Verdadero       15 years in service
     Mr. Carlos Ting                     15 years in service
     Siansi Lucy Yap                    15 years in service
     Siansi Mary Ann Sun             15 years in service
     Sir Reganaud Yulo                15 years in service
     Teacher Evelyn Magallanes    20 years in service
     Teacher Gas Matalubos         20 years in service
     Teacher Naomi Bravo            20 years in service

     Mr. Nestor Ordonio                20 years in service