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Trinitarians Celebrate Buwan ng Wika

The celebration of our country's Buwan Ng Wika during the month of August aimed to awaken in us that pride of being a filipino. Our parents have instilled in us a lot of desirable traits such as love for education, respect for elders, being hospitable and having a sense of gratitude to those who have extended a helping hand to us and cared for us. These are but a few of the positive traits that run in our veins as filipinos.

We are a nation that share a colorful history of a people divided by regions and had fought for more than 300 years to gain independence from our oppressors. We may not have started united at first to commit this freedom but at the end we all stood as one. Thus we have every reason to be proud as we raise our flag and sing the national anthem. And as we stand side by side looking up at our national flag, singing together our national anthem, let us continue to cherish together our mutual love and concern for peace and freedom that took more than 3 centuries to atain.

May we also never forget to pay tribute to the countless Filipinos who have struggled hard and made sacrifices to be able to lay the foundations for the development of a national language that embodies our aspirations and binds us as a people. (Visit gallery for more pictures of the celebration)