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Teachers Day – A Blast!

October 13,2009. Shouts of cheers filled the air as the Teachers and Staff marched through the red carpet going through their respective seats. Students turned escorts took time out and dressed well in order to look good. Confetti hang inside the auditorium displaying a festive mood with the stage well arranged for the occasion.

All Trinitarians were excited as it was the celebration of the Teachers Day. And as they danced and grooved through the program it turned apparent that the celebration became a students' expression program as well. They were so happy to show off their prepared special numbers in the form of a vocal solo, dance numbers, and choral singing.

Though some were out of tune and the dance numbers not perfected, still the teachers had a great time watching the show, witnessing their students put in their efforts just to make the teachers happy. To add to the high spirits were the funny ad libs and antics of Joesalie Solis as one of the emcees.

Adding to the merriment was the luncheon set in buffet style for all teachers and staff. Teachers feasted on the sumptuous food and the all-time-favorite-delicacy - lechon.

For the give aways, the teachers and staff received a personally engraved decorated ceramic plate and a set of spoon and fork.

Originally the Chinese Teachers Day is celebrated every September 28 in honor of the birthday of Confucius - the great Chinese teacher. But this was postponed to give priority to the 2nd grading exams.

This special event was sponsored by the Supreme Trinitarian Council (STC) under the leadership of Ostin John Ong as its president.