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Finally - a Covered Court!

August 10, 2010

                    "One can only appreciate the comfort of the shades after he's been out in the sun for so long"

There goes the adage that is practically true to all Trinitarians. Literally, Trinitarians are enjoying the fully functional covered court after the roofing materials are all installed.

Trinitarians were greeted with surprise last Monday morning when they came in to school. Standing in front of them was finally a covered court!

"Oh man! It's sure that fast huh! Last week it was not yet fully covered. But look right now, I'm standing on a fully shaded court", one Trinitarian said.

"Yes! Finally, the covered court is finally covered!" Exclaimed another kid...

One might wonder why the court took some time to finish. Actually, the fabrication of the roofing materials took several months to finish because of the long brown-outs last summer.

And finally after the long wait, we behold before us this one grand structure.

Standing at the middle of the campus ground is faith materialized. What used to be a dream has now become a reality. This is all because there are people whose hearts are big with love and concern for the school. Thank you TCS Alumni Association for such overwhelming support. Thank you dear patrons for your generosity.