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August is One Busy Month for Trinitarians

First grading examinations are going on! Students are up to their neck with studying or let's say cramming as usual!


But there will be no rest for Trinitarians after this. Activities are already lined up for the coming weeks. First , Chinese art classes are going on. The school is privileged to have one teacher coming all the way from China to teach arts and crafts to students and of course to teachers.

Last Saturday, teachers had their chance of joining one class and all of them agreed that it's fun. They got to learn useful and creative crafts. Teacher Zamoraga even said that the art class was kind of "therapeutic" to her.

On top of this, the chinese dance classes will also start tomorrow. It's kind of exciting to learn new things, knowing that these could develop ones self to become a better person.

On the other hand, August is dubbed as the Buwan ng Wika. This is a yearly activity celebrated by all schools nationwide commerative of the importance of having a national identity through our national language. This is also to honor Manuel L. Quezon as the "ama ng Wikang Pambansa".Activities are already at hand to make the affair  more meaningful to all Trinitarians.