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First grading exams coming up!

It's the end of the month! How time flies so swiftly!

It's just a matter of days and the first grading examination will take its course. For sure Trinitarians are now up to their neck with work... assignments, projects and most have started burning their midnight candles studying in oder to face the exams prepared.

Indeed this is one very busy school year!

Last Saturday - July 24, the school hosted the MTG Qualifying exams. Close to 900 students coming from public and private schools took the exams. Walking down memory lane, TCS has been the center of training for Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG), an association of schools who takes mathematics to a higher level by training mathematically gifted students and prepare them for math contests here in the country and aroud the globe..

August is around the bend. Soon the school will be celebrating the Buwan ng Wika. Many activities have been lined up to make the celebration colorful and more meaningful.

As for updates... the roofing materials for the covered court have started to arrive and its just a matter of time before the facility becomes functional.

To say the least, as the school year drifts by, more and more activities are coming in, Trinitarians will be getting busier and for sure this will be another history in the making...