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TCS Celebrates Track and Field Day

by Jet Siegbert Oregano

     "Ready...Set...Boom! A familiar banging sound embraced the air as the contestants unlocked their headed position and suddenly busted on their feet all the way to the finish line."

July 16, 2010. On this hot spirited Friday morning, Trinity Christian School celebrated its Track ‘N Field Day 2010, where one could usually see friends and classmates compete against each other under the intense heat of the sun. This time around, Trinitarians held it inside the solid walls of the Panaad Stadium. As expected, the once in a year event went as planned. There was no sign of even a single drop of rain, transcending the rumours of a typhoon hitting Negros.

Cameras flashing, guns blazing - it was all fun and excitement from the preschoolers' 50 meters dash to the high schoolers' 400 meter rely. Other events included 100 meter sprint, 400 meter sprint, shot put, long jump, discuss throw, and the 100 meter relay.All the while, the event not only showed competition but also a bonding time for family and friends.

As for the school's pride, the athletes, who were exempted to join the games, they did a wonderful job of organizing the different events. Equally impressive were the young dutiful Red Cross volunteers who were very alert in assisting those who almost fainted.

At the end of the day, though exhausted and sun burned, a peaceful atmosphere set the tone as all went home, thanking God for another successful tourney.