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Athletes in Action!

July 9-10, 2010. A two day Seminar and Training in Sports was conducted by 2 members of the Athletes in Action (AIA) to all Trinitarians sports enthusuasts. Series of lectures were primarily conducted by Coach Toti, as Trinitarians fondly called him. He has been coming back to school for several years with the mission to orient the athletes the rudiments of the game and to foster sportsmanship among sports enthusiasts.

There were also some film showings conducted as springboard to the seminar. Coach Toti emphasized that to go into sports one must be physically fit and that means taking care of the body- getting a good night's rest, drinking the right amount of liquid, eating a well nourished diet and having a good disposition in life.

Above all, he emphasized that as Christian athletes, it is one's duty to share the Victory beyond competition that is only found in a relationship with Jesus.

Athletes in Action is a Campus sports ministry that exists to boldly proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ to everyone by winning, building and sending athletic-influencers.

"As God has uniquely called us to minister to the athletic community, we desire to sow and proclaim the gospel as widely as possible. Seeing that the gospel is the power of God for salvation of all who believe (Romans 1:16)".

The two day activity was action packed with all those "power drills". A mini-olympic activity was the highlight of the training that made all Trinitarian Athletes sweat out and simply have fun.