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School Dedicates Entrance Canopy and Covered Court

            The days of waiting are now long gone

            Right before us is faith put into action.

June 11,2010. It was a fresh new day with the ground recently showered by the rain. Trinitarians flocked to the auditorium to attend the First worship service of the new school year.

The day was made all the more meaningful as the two new school structures - the Entrance Canopy and the Covered court were blessed in a simple Dedication ceremony. Graced by the presence of the school's Board of Trustees and witnessed by parents and students, it was a touching moment to see that after all the travailing prayer and campaign for funds, these structures are now standing right before us.

"This is a clear manifestation of the faithfulness of God in the lives of all Trinitarians. What we think impossible is made possible by God", one teacher said.

"Looking back, our hearts were downtrodden upon learning that our available funds were just ten percent of the total cost of the canopy. But as I reflected on how the Lord granted wisdom to King Solomon and to the other great heroes of the Bible which was far more valuable than money, I believed deep in my heart that the Lord will simply provide what we need to finish the canopy," Ostin Ong, the STC president commented.

"As we behold before us the soon to be finished covered court, let us go back to the time when the Lord gathered together different individuals to contribute their expertise and generosity to finally bring fruition to this long time dream. Indeed when we seek the Lord's help, He will never abandon us," Mark Gomez, the Alumni Association president revealed.

"We don't have these structures during our high school days. That's why we really want you all Trinitarians to enjoy the use of these facilities. Take good care of them," Danny Tan, an Alumni officer also added.

"I was surprised to see the new canopy, and with the covered court in its final stage of completion, I am so grateful to the school for always giving the best for our children'", one parent commented.

Indeed what a better way to start the school year!