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Teacher's Day 2017

"It feels great to be appreciated. It makes you forget for a while your school load." One teacher remarked.

Day by day they teach students. Day by day they feel harassed with so many student concerns; from petty fights, late submission of performance tasks, student absences to mention some. And yet they persevere knowing that they work for a noble cause - that is to develop self-reliant individuals who will be ready to face the world outside of the school.

And so for the students and the whole world to appreciate the Teachers’ contribution in molding lives, the teachers are very happy and thankful.

Last September 29, Trinitarians celebrated the Chinese Teachers’ Day with a short but very meaningful program in honor of all the Teachers and Staff of the school.

The program consisted of songs and dances prepared by the students. The teachers were also serenated by a musical presentation.

After the program, the school’s Board of Trustees treated all the Teachers and Staff to a sumptuous buffet at Vikings Bacolod.

It was indeed a feast for all teachers as they enjoyed the food, the fellowship and the fun. The BOT also awarded 5 teachers/staff for their service to the school.

Eleonor Cape - School Book keeper - 30 years in service

Rhea Valguna - Head Librarian - 25 years in service

Lorelie Oregano - High School Librarian - 20 years in service

Lisa Peronce - Preschool Teacher - 15 years in service

Kathryn Federez - Senior High Teacher - 15 years in service