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Cool September

It’s down time right now for all Trinitarians after the first grading examination and the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika.

Report cards were distributed last Saturday and finally teachers can heave a sigh of relief for having accomplished one big task.

Now that the students have seen their progress report card, some of them were quite satisfied with the results; some were happy for to have started the school year right. But for some, the first grading result is evidence that they need to exert extra effort to improve their grades.

Trinitarians are starting to process their second quarter academic loads. Performance tasks are starting to pile up and the lessons are getting complicated.

Just a few more weeks and the month of September will come to an end. But absolutely it will close with a bang!

The Annual Chinese Teacherís Day is in the offing. Students are secretly practicing their dance moves, exercising their vocal cords and planning how to appreciate their teachers on this special day.

Busy days are up ahead but Trinitarians are used to it. Itís just a matter of taking things as they come and dealing with them the Trinita