S Trinity Christian School News



Welcome to School year 2010-2011

Even if the heat is still brewing an all time high, summer time is really over as soon the day the school begins. The month of June signals new chapters in the lives of Trinitarians as the year will be filled with its own anticipation, pomp and circumstance and celebration. Welcome Trinitarians to the new school year!

This is the time of the year that promises new beginnings and a fresh start. And what a fitting way to start the year by welcoming the new developments in the school.

The new canopy that connects the main gate to the main lobby is a welcome sight. This is the project of the previous STC officers under the leadership of Ostin John Ong. Finally, those who enter the school will be protected from the sweltering heat of the sun and that of the pouring rain as there is now a roof to shelter them.

Not to be outdone is the covered court which is on its final construction. Just awaiting for the roofing materials to arrive any time soon, Trinitarians will enjoy the benefit of this new edifice. This is the project of the TCS Alumni Association spearheaded by Mark Gomez.

The dedication ceremony of these two structures will be on June 11, 2010 right after the First Worship service of the school.

Thus as we look ahead to this new school, we have so many reasons to thank the Lord the Lord Almighty for His tremendous blessings to the school as a whole.

The excitement is just there, from the little ones in pre-kindergarten right up to the seniors looking forward to graduation.

Thus leaving no stone unturned, let us strive to make this school year a time to learn and a time to change for the better.