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TCS To Hold Dedication Ceremony for John 3:16 Building

The new building houses 8 classrooms for the use of elementary pupils, a faculty room and 2 new comfort rooms for the teachers.

The second floor houses the Dr. Bi Chin Uy Learning Resource Center. It is semi-divided into two sections,the elementary and the High School areas. It also houses the new Information Technology Section equipped with 40 computers for studentsí use connected to the internet. Beside the It Section is the Discussion Room. The LRC has its own comfort room as well.

We acknowledge God's provision during the construction. He provided the finances through our generous donors and patrons.

Second, He guided the construction. Although there are glitches along the way, still His sovereignty reigns supreme and what is right before us is a clear manifestation of His greatness.

That's why there are enough reasons for celebration. This John 3:16 building is established after years of waiting and praying. And now that it's here, we acknowledge His mighty hand at work for making our dreams come true. We adopt this prayer by Pastor Ed Vasicek as we dedicate this edifice to the Lord.

We ask the Lord to bless this dwelling. May this place be a lighthouse for the Gospel of Christ; that Christianity be the version that works in real life. May all who abide here, especially the students, come to know You and serve You.

May these walls represent a hedge You place around those within to keep out the Evil one. We ask the Lord to send angels to protect those who dwell on it; that this place be an outpost for the Gospel and a place for Christian fellowship.

We pray that faith, hope, love and wisdom dwelleth on this place. That every conflict that will arise will be addressed in truthful and humble ways. Help us to show love and concern to one another so that this place becomes a place of refuge.

We ask Thee Lord for wisdom in taking care of this building. Remind us that all we have comes from you and that we are merely stewards, managing your property. And as excited as we are in beautifying this place, help us to be conscientious more on relationships rather than beauty. Amen.