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Welcome 2017!

On top of these, we thank the Lord for all the blessings that we have received. For all the favours, opportunities and all the joys, we bring Him back all the glory and honour.

Now we have a brand new year ahead of us. Perhaps we may have been disappointed because we have not met our expectations for the past year. But hey! This year will be an opportunity to start anew and become better persons.

God is indeed full of mercy and grace. His grace is fresh daily. Like manna that fed those Israelites on their journey towards Canaan, we too can avail of this supply day by day if we acknowledge Him.

Indeed this will be a great year for all Trinitarians. If only we are serious enough to allow the Lord to work in us then circumstances will become better.

This month of January, a lot of things are in store for Trinitarians.

There is the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the dedication of the newly constructed John 3:16 building.

Here are the following schedules:

January 23 – Matinee Show "Spring Festival"

January 24 – Dedication of the John 3:16 Building @ 5:00 PM; 6:30 – Gala Show of the “Spring Festival

January 27 to 27 – continuous celebration of the Chinese New Year for all Trinitarians

May the year 2017 be kind to all of us!