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Alumni Homecoming 2016

The Covered Court was full of tables covered with festive red and white table cloth. Eventually the covered court was filled with Trinitarians from different batches.

For this year, the theme was Asian Karaoke Extravaganza and indeed it was a night of “voice extravagance” as Trinitarian Alumni gamely joined in the Karaoke Challenge.

Some at first were quite timid to join the dare, but as the night wore on, more and more were challenged to participate.

It was a merry celebration as each participant went up the stage to showcase their talents. In between this, raffle tickets were drawn and prizes were given to these fortunate winners.

Consolation prizes were given and one lucky Trinitarian got the grand prize which was a P10, 000 cash prize.

The class of 1991 sponsored this year’s alumni homecoming. Next year it will be the turn of batch 1992.