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Trinitarians Reign As This Year’s Champions

By Jet Seigbert Oregano, TE Sports Editor

Trinity Christian School bagged this year's championship titles in the just concluded NOPSSCEA Taekwando Championships held in Riverside Gym last September 26 and 26 and the Track and Field Meet held in Bago City Sports Complex last October 3 and 4, 2009 respectively.

Their sheer determination and focused mentalities enabled them to triumph over other promising athletes from various NOPSSCEA member schools.

Their sizzling victories will allow them to move onwards to the Provincial Meet as representative of the NOPSSCEA schools.

Other than this, a special bond among them is formed as they continue to practice and are looking forward for more impending record-breakers and gold catches in the forthcoming competitions.

The following achievers are:


  • Kathleen Dinsay - Gold
  • Irene Bermejo  - Gold
  • Vanessa Agupitan - Gold
  • Joshua Rosalia - Gold
  • Tristran Von Daclan - Gold
  • Christian Bermejo - Gold
  • Eryel Sam Daclan - Bronze
  • Julienne Bermejo - Bronze

Elementary Girls - Overall Champion
Elementary Boys - Overall Champion

Track and Field Event:

Elementary Girls

Casili, Marie Angelie
          100m Hurdles      1st Gold
          400m dash          2nd Silver

High School Girls and Boys

      Isiderio, Katrina Trish
                  100m dash         1st      Gold      (Record Breaker)
                  200m dash         1st      Gold
                  Long Jump          2nd    Silver
                  Classical Relay    1st      Gold
                  400m Relay        1st      Gold

      Manzano, Mikaela
                  Long Jump         1st     Gold
                  High Jump          2nd    Silver
                  Triple Jump        1st      Gold
                  Classical Relay    1st     Gold
                  400m Relay        1st     Gold

      Costan, Katherine              Most Valuable Player
                  100m Hurdles     1st     Gold       (Record Breaker)
                  400m Hurdles     1st     Gold       (Record Breaker)
                  400m dash         1st     Gold
                  Classical Relay    1st     Gold
                  400m Relay        1st     Gold

     Milan, Remiah
                 1500m run           1st    Gold        (Record Breaker)
                 3000m run           1st    Gold        (Record Breaker)
                 5000m run           3rd    Bronze
                 Classical Relay     1st     Gold

     Gargar, Kesha
                800m run             1st      Gold        (Record Breaker)
                3000m run            2nd     Silver
                5000m run            2nd     Silver

   Casili, Ruth
               100m Hurdles         2nd     Silver
               400m dash             3rd     Bronze
               400m Hurdles         2nd     Silver
               400m Relay            1st      Gold

   Montelibano, Jenny
               100m dash             3rd     Bronze
               200m dash             3rd     Bronze

Villadelgado, Christine
              800m run                3rd     Bronze

Vales, Kimberly
             3000m Walkathon    2nd     Silver

Lao, Rochelle
            Hammer Throw         1st       Gold        (Record Breaker)
            Javelin Throw           1st       Gold

Gabrido, Jermaine
           Shot Put                   2nd      Silver
           Javelin Throw            2nd      Silver

Reyes, Danica
Discus Throw                        2nd      Silver

Costan, Gemaicca
Discus Throw                       3rd       Bronze

Vaflor, Fatima
Hammer Throw                   3rd        Bronze

Jhoond, Karamjit "Bobby"
Hammer Throw                   2nd       Silver