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STC Brings Christmas Cheers to Sakadas

Sakadas are sugarcane field workers. They are up at dawn to till the sugarcane field. Normally they are fully clothed –wearing a wide brim hat, a jacket, pants and boots to protect them from the heat of the sun.

Most of them have spent almost all their lives tilling the field which is not their own. They know the soil like their own children. They “technically” own the field because they till the ground to make it ready for the planting of the crop, tend it until it’s fully grown and eventually harvest it themselves.

But the sad fact is, with all the effort they do just to produce sugar, they are paid below the minimum required wage. That’s why most of them can never get out of debt and can barely send their children to school.

To acknowledge their presence and worth, the Supreme Trinitarian Council decided to somehow “adopt” these workers every December, giving them some Christmas cheers through the packed goods. With the coordinated efforts of the Trinitarian family, these sakadas which are scattered all over the sugarcane field in Bacolod City were blessed.

As early as 6AM last December 23, the officers and advisers of the student council distributed these packed goods to these deserving sakadas.

The effort was all worth it as they were warmly received. A smile here and there, a jump of glee for the unexpected blessings and some tears flowing from their eyes, a sincere “thank you” are already enough to melt the hearts of Trinitarians.

The Christmas season brings many reasons to celebrate life. With the Lord Jesus’ example of unselfishly giving His life for us, we can reciprocate this love to others in our special way.

Let us never get tired of sharing our blessings and let us make every day a “Christmas day”.