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The Future is Bright for Those Who Strive

These athletes have one thing in common: to practice – to hone their skills in order to become the best in their chosen sports.

Trinity Christian School has invested so much on its sports program. Coaches are hired and trained well to supervise practices. Athletes follow strict practice regimen. Each year, more and more students are attracted to join the school’s sports program because of the benefits they get in joining such.

For the past many years, TCS has achieved more in various sports competition; and the school is thankful for these achievements.

For this year’s NOPSSCEA Sports Competition we congratulate the athletes for a job well done; for winning the race and for giving their best in their endeavour. We congratulate the HS Boys Badminton Team, Elementary Girls and Elementary Boys Badminton Team for winning the championship trophy, for the Track and Field, Swimming, Karatedo, Chess Teams – thank you so much for your contribution. The school is so proud of you for giving your competition your best shot.

All hail Trinity!