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November is

Though November is still full of some extra-curricular activities, this is also the month for students to get serious with their class loads. This month is sort of a “wind-down” for them as they try to catch up with their academic load requirements.

On the other hand, there are a handful of activities that Trinitarians should look forward to: November 29 is the Book Day which will be sponsored by the Librarians. Students can expect a fun-filled day with treats and surprises in store.

To add this, participants of the NOPSCCEA Literary Musical Contests are also preparing for their entries.

Moreover, the month of December holds so many activities, too. There’s the Bible Week to look forward to, outreaches in connection with the Christmas celebration and the Christmas worship celebration to mention some.

The library will also sponsor a Book Fair. Parents are students are welcome to buy book and other gift items.