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School Holds Cheer Dance/Playground Demo

As part of the grand celebration of the founding anniversary of the school, one special afternoon was set aside for the playground demonstration of the pre-school and elementary students.

Wearing their class colors, the school campus was filled with parents and their families as they supported their children in their playground demonstration.

The court was filled with flashing cameras and rolling videos as each class performed their number to the beat of lively praise and worship songs.

Finally it was the turn of the junior and senior high school students. Three judges were invited to evaluate the routines of these groups.

The crowd was in deep awe at the performers who for such a short time of practice were able to deliver a good show. Their routines consisted of hip-hop movements, yell and cheer dancing.

For some, who really wanted to win, they gave their all starting from the practice to the final performance. But for some, it was all about having fun, having a good time and couldn’t care less of winning and losing. These teams gave real meaning to “cheering”.

Thus, cheer dancing is not only about winning. It is not the most important factor to make the team or the whole class happy and jubilant.

Cheer dancing is also about camaraderie. Syncing your moves with the moves of others, dancing to the beat of the music and just having fun in the company of your classmates, these complete the word “FUN”.