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TCS Is Now 40 Years Old

40 years of God’s faithfulness! This is really something! The institution could not reach this far if the foundation is not solid and strong.

Walking back memory lane, there are many individuals who made things possible for the foundation of the school. Way back 1970s, a group of committed Christians founded Trinity Christian School with the hope of leading the young to the knowledge of Christ through quality Christian education.

Soon the school was teeming with young people and eventually from the first 70 kindergarten graduates, it rose to a hundred and more as the years go by.

40 years marked a significant milestone in the history of the institution, the Trinitarians and the lives of those who were and are privileged to be a part of this beautiful community.

The school will never be the same without the full support of the TCS Board of Trustees. Their generosity spans miles and miles, thus the fast development of the school buildings.

Their dream of establishing a school that would bring out the best in every child has come to fruition. Today, the school will once again embark on the years to come because of so many who have cared about children and supported our dreams and hopes for the school.

Kudos to the school administration under the leadership of Miss Esther Jane Uy. Her indefatigable vision and dedication is very infectious. She always looks for ways to strengthen the curriculum with new and bright ideas that challenges teachers and staff to give their best.

Special thanks to all the teachers who have the passion, leadership and classroom management to create a conducive learning environment for students in order for them to reach their goal.

The school appreciate the partnership of the parents and the teachers in moulding the lives of these children to become responsible and productive citizens of the society. They have become our extended Trinitarian community.

To the generous patrons of the school- may the good Lord continue to bless them more as they support more fund-raising activities.

The school has become bigger and better in so many ways. However one thing has not changed, our purpose – to be a place where children are inspired to learn and thrive as individuals, a place where young people can get the best quality Christian education, a place filled with young people who care about each other and about making the world a better place. Finally, to build a community where the love of Christ abounds- these among others constitute Trinity Christian School.