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Trinitarians Shine in Regional Meet

Theirs is an indefatigable journey of frustrations, triumphs and joys. And yet they never dared giving up inspite of the ardous times of practices, of giving up life's simple pleasures just to give more time to master their craft.

Their passion for excellence drive them to meet excellence at its full force. And indeed their efforts paid off. They went home bringing the bacon with them. Congratulations to the new sports achievers of Trinity Christian School. They will represent Western Visayas to the Palarong Pambansa 2010.

Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association Meet
Aklan Sports Complex
March 14-20, 2010

Irene Therese Bermejo                    Gold            Taekwando
Joshua Rosalia                                Gold            Taekwando
Janssen Gonzales                            Champion - Member - Basketball Team
Katrina Trish Isiderio                        Gold 100M Sprint
Nikki Therese Servando                    Gold Badminton Singles 
                                                      Gold Badminton Doubles
Katherine Costan                             Gold 100 Hurdles
Christian Crisostomo                        Gold Badminton Doubles
Sean Edward Casili                           Silver Archery