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NOPPSCEA Season is On

The breeze of August slowly drifted away and the cooler “ber” months are now on the way. As always, the school has been very busy with so many activities.

Students are always on the go with their academic requirements, e.g performance tasks. On top these, those who are active in sports are busy with inter school sports competition, particularly the NOPSCCEA Sports Tournament.

For years the school Sports Program has been very active. Trinitarians are fully involved in various sports activities. In fact every afternoon, the campus is teeming with various sports practices. The auditorium is filled with badminton players and table tennis enthusiasts, the open courts are alive with volleyball practices, basketball players are occupying the covered court while the football players are on the field. Track and field athletes are scattered all around, running their course regimen.

With these beehives of activities, some parents are on the background watching their sons and daughters on the field.

Fortunately, Trinity Christian School has always been on the limelight during the NOPSSCEA Sports Competition Season. Their rigorous practices are rewarded as they bring home awards one after the other.

More sports tournaments are on the way as the school year progresses. Meanwhile, Trinitarians just have to be experts in multitasking as their time is divided between performance tasks, sports and other cultural activities.