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Buwan ng Wika 2016 Celebration

It has been a tradition for Filipino schools to celebrate the Buwan ng Wika every August. This is a whole month of appreciating not only our national language but as well as our culture. Of course, Trinity Christian School does not let its game down when it comes to celebrating this event.

Two full days were spent diving into the Filipino culture, with cultural shows, games, and eating delicious Filipino food. On August 25, the elementary department had its cultural show in the morning while the high school students held their individual competitions: Filipino essay writing and on the spot poster making contests. The high school students also dined on traditional Filipino food together and played a couple of Filipino games.

On this day, the Supreme Trinitarian Council also organized a Boodle Fight in the school’s covered court. During the afternoon, the elementary students had their rest from all the dancing and singing and it was the high school students' turn. They showed off their Filipino attire on stage to see who was the best dressed; they also had competitions for the Vocal Solo OPM and Vocal Solo Kundiman, Banda Rito Banda Roon where each year level sang a translation of an English Christian praise song or their own composition, and their instruments were made out of indigenous materials.

On the second day, August 26, the elementary students held their Fiesta sa Nayon. Students brought authentic Filipino kakanin to which they shared with everyone.

Both the elementary and high school departments also had their Laro ng Lahi, while the preschool students had their cultural show in the auditorium. One could hear the excited yells and screams of students as they cheered for their group mates, and the sound of sweet Filipino music drifting out of the auditorium.

During the afternoon, the high school students had the Filipino declamation contest with the winner participating in the NOPPSCEA and the awaited pop dance competition with only the use of Filipino music allowed. And of course, the event would not be complete without the Bunong Braso.

For the whole month of August, the STC had a fun game called Bugtung-Bugtungan where students tried to guess the answers to fun Filipino riddles, with the winner chosen through a raffle draw. Winners won coupons to fruit shakes and even to a convenience store!

Indeed, the Buwan ng Wika is an event Trinitarians look forward to. Weeks are spent on perfecting the songs, dances, poems, and pieces. It has become an event not only to celebrate our culture, language, and identity as Filipinos, but as well as an event to build relationships with our fellow Trinitarians and make precious memories./Alina Jane Villanueva