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The Dr. Bi Chin Uy Learning Resource Center is Finally Open

August 22, 2016. Blessings from the Lord come in many forms. At the very start of the school year, the school has experienced His awesome goodness. We have more enrollees this year, great worship experiences, awesome teaching support and yes the new annex building.

The new Dr. Bi Chin Uy Learning Resource Center is finally open for service to all Trinitarians. The LRC is named after her in honor of her legacy to the school.

During her time stint as the principal, she worked indefatigably for the school to be recognized and be accredited by the Association of Christian Schools Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency Inc. (ACSCU-AAI).

Together with her family, they invested their time, resources and finances which contributed a lot to what the institution has become right now.

The 2nd floor of the new building houses both the elementary and high school LRC. Both libraries are roomier, well ventilated and with an improved interior environment. Both can accommodate more students. Both are also equipped with more books and other learning resources to satisfy their cravings for learning.

The high school library also houses a bigger Information Technology Section which can accommodate 40 students at one time. It is equipped with computers and printers for students’ use. Beside it is the Learning Commons Section – a small learning space for information technology, remote or online education, tutoring, collaboration, content creation, meetings and reading or study.

It is very apparent that students are all excited to visit both libraries.

“Awesome. Wonderful. Exciting. Very beautiful. It is well ventilated. More new titles that I can imagine!” These are just some of the comments they expressed as they entered the facility.

We can expect more from the library as the school year progresses.

For all these things, we give God the glory and honor.