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Track and Field Day 2016

August 6, 2016. Imagine a day of no class, no test to answer and no classroom discussion to participate to.

Yes! This happened when all Trinitarians flocked to the PANAAD Park and Stadium for the yearly Track and Field Day.

Of course there’s the usual scene early in the morning.

Cars and other vehicles queuing on the road going to the stadium; parents and drivers looking for a good spot to park.

Small children holding on the hands of their parents/ yayas as they excitedly entered the park; food and beverages of all kinds brought by them.

After a while the stadium was bedecked with class colors as Trinitarians were required to wear theirs for the day.

Finally the emcee announced the opening of the event. The Pambansang Awit was sung, the morning exercise done. The event was graced by Trinitarian alumni athletes as they rounded up the oval for the ceremonial torch parade.

And then the running events followed, first by the pre-schoolers.

Imagine the sheer joy of parents as they cheered for their small children to run the short race. They coached them how to run properly. (Oh if only they could run the race for them!)

There were small children who excitedly ran up to the finish line; others needed a little bit of coaching, while others decided to walk and there were those who simply cried.

Parents spending time with their children evoked a poignant picture of care, concern and support. Indeed, moments spent with children create lifelong memories.

As the sun rose on the horizon, the excitement reached its peak. Classmates were screaming their hearts out as they cheered for their participants on the field.

Student medics running to the finish line as runners collapsed on the ground after running at breakneck speed.

No high end camera could capture those precious moments! But one thing’s for sure though – beautiful memories will always last a lifetime.

The game continued after the lunch break. Elementary and high school students competed on various events such as the long jump, 100m, 200m, 400m and the 800 meter run.

Not everybody became the winners. But what’s important was the participation and the support of each class.

The event was even made meaningful as minutes towards the end of the game, the heavens poured out its blessing through the rain. It was welcomed with open arms as Trinitarians, instead of running for cover against the rain, rushed through the open field and played under it.

Indeed, each Track and Field Day has its own story to tell. Every moment should be a learning moment and each moment should be cherished.