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Faye Benignos is The New STC President

Faye Angela Benignos, a grade 10 students is this year’s elected president of the Supreme Trinitarian Council (STC). Students from Grades 4 to 10 voted last July 18, 2016 after the Miting De Avance was held last July 15.

Prior to the election, the candidates conducted their room to room campaign.

The following is the official result of the election.

President: Angela Faye Benignos

Vice President: Leoj Derayunan

English Secretary: Alina Jane Villanueva

Chinese Secretary: Wyle Kristoff Young

Treasurer: Anton Diaz

Auditor: Angela Somcio

Business Manager: Jessa Ivana Sian

PIO: Weng Juan Chia

High School Governor: Ralph Ashley Sian

Level 2 Governor: Cate Louie Ogapong

Level 1 Governor: Benjamin Dacles


10 Grace: Aila Maree Obesa

10 Perseverance: Shandrei Huelar

9 Meekness: Erika Deloria

9 Compassion: Sabrina Lo Henares

8 Initiative: Kyla Nicole Amantillo

8 Self Control: Claudia Villanueva

7 Gentleness: Chloe Bernadette Limson

7 Faithfulness: Louise Angelika Pahilanga

6 Patience: Andrei Amador

6 Kindness: Kayne Montelibano

5 Light: Jamie Alic

5 Salt: Mikayla Ta-ala

4 Goodness: Rachelle Semillano

4 Courage: David Abelarde