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ACSCU AAI Grants TCS Five Years Accredited Status

Trinity Christian School has been aiming for excellence ever since its conception. The school first received its accredited status way back 1991 and the rest is history. From a three- year accredited status, it became five years and has continued to be that way ever since.

This means that the school’s academic program undergoes extensive review to renew its accreditation every five years. This also means that the program strives to adhere to the standards of excellence in education as required by the Association of Christian Schools Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency Incorporated (ACSCU-AAI).

Walking down memory lane, the school went through an institutional accreditation last January.

And God is good; He answered our prayers. Last May, the school received the good news that all levels – pre-school, elementary and high school have been granted once more with a 5- year accredited status.

This achievement means greater opportunities for the Trinitarian Community.

Parents can be confident that the school is operated professionally; that the school is composed of calibre teachers who undergo continuing professional education and that they are well-trained to teach students; that there are better facilities for students’ use; and that the curriculum is regularly updated and is of highest standards.

Every milestone should be acknowledged and we praise the Lord for this achievement. But our work does not stop here. This is an on-going process of program review that starts as soon as the last round of accreditation review is completed.

Therefore we dream for greater things to come. We continue to strive for excellence. As what T.S. Eliot said “only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” We believe that the school can now work on the level 3 accredited status. May God supply as the strength and the will to work on this dream.