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TCS Holds Science Week

It is the time of the year when the high school classrooms are transformed into laboratories where there are exploding volcanoes, steaming experiments and the rooms are just simply filled with investigative projects for the students to see.

Every year the school celebrates the Science Week to show the importance and relevance of science to the future development of our society and economy. For this year, the event took place last February 9 to 12, 2016.

The Science Week provides opportunities for the high school students to showcase experiments which they have learned inside their classrooms and to make their own experiments based on the concepts they have learned.

The events during the week were varied. There were quiz bowls, lectures, exhibitions, live demonstrations of experiments as well as guided tours on the different classrooms transformed into mini laboratories. A mini science Olympic was organized by the high students and was participated by the elementary students.

The preschool and elementary pupils visited these "laboratories" to observe the varied science experiments. Other schools were also invited to witness these said experiments.

It took the high school students more than a month to prepare for the activity. The activity was worth all their effort as they learned a lot of things. Through science week, the school aims to take out science out of the laboratory and show how it is so much more than a ‘white coat' profession.