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Trinitarians win in MTAP Dep Ed Math Challenge

From more than hundreds of students from both public and private elementary and high schools in the Bacolod Division who participated in the school elimination of the Dep Ed Math Challenge, only a handful made it to the division challenge.

For this year, Trinitarians made their mark as winners during this 2-day competition which was held last February 4, 2016 for the elementary and February 5 for the high school at Bacolod Tay Tung High School.

Mark Gomez Jr. and Benjamin Dacles is this year's champion in Grade 2 category.

Pia Lo and Rachelle Semillano of the grade 3 class and Mariana Sabine Cortez together with Luisa Caresse Britanico of the Grade 4 garnered 4th place in the same event.

Meanwhile Carl Jericho Tan and Adrian Baron of the grade 7 class won 2nd place. Jireh Ferrer and Jessa Ivan Sian, grade 9 won 3rd place.

For the individual events, the following are the results:

Mark Gomez Jr. - 3rd honor
Benjamin Dacles - 3rd honor

Pia Lo - 3rd honor
Rochelle Semillano - 3rd honor

Mariana Sabine Cortez - 3rd honor
Luisa Caresse Britanico - 3rd honor

Gadielle King - 3rd honor
Chloe Limson - 3rd honor

This yearly math challenge provides students with a venue to hone their mathematical skills in an atmosphere of friendly competition and to contribute in improving the quality of mathematics education in the Philippines.

Specifically, it aims to: awaken greater interest in Mathematics among elementary and high school students in both private and public schools all over the country; encourage students to strive for excellence in Mathematics; encourage mastery of basic mathematical skills and to discover mathematical talents among elementary and high school students.

Through the years, TCS strives to develop students to be mathematically adept. To focus on this program, the school has been the center of the Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG), a program which search for, encourage and challenge mathematically gifted pupils and students to reach their fullest potential.

Furthermore the program strives to develop, initiate, direct and supervise an intensive and comprehensive training program to supplement and enrich the existing mathematics curriculum and programs and to provide opportunities for mathematically gifted pupils/students to interact with foreign teachers and students.