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Trinitarians welcome challenges!

Haven't you noticed? The month of January is slowly slipping away right before our very eyes. This goes to show that time is moving fast, too fast that soon this school year will come to a close.

This is the reason why Trinitarians have been very busy these past few weeks. The Bible month is almost over with the high school students going away for their class retreats. The Pre School and elementary students also had their share of the activity.

So what‘s more to come?

One HS school student remarked that she can hardly breathe from all those projects, term papers, assignments and long quizzes. But these things are what make students' life very exciting and challenging. "Tough times never last but tough people do" as the adage says.

And so on top of these, Trinitarians still embark on activities that would test their academic abilities. The month of February has been dubbed as the "contest month" with all those inter-school quiz bees and academic excellence contests.

The school will be the host of the yearly MTAP Dep Ed Math competition this February 11 and 12. Once again, our very own contenders will be defending their titles. To date, Ostin John Ong and Timothy James Tan topped the MTAP eliminations.

TCS math whiz TJ Tan is in China for another international math competition. The school is also blessed to know that many high school seniors passed and topped the entrance examinations of some leading colleges and universities in the locality as well as in Metro Manila.

Indeed the year 2010 opened with a lot of challenges in store for all Trinitarians. May God continue to pour out His blessings and guidance to the school!