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Teachers and Staff Holds Christmas Family Night

December 19, 2015. TCS's Teachers and Staff have been used to simple Christmas celebrations. But for this year, we broke free from the tradition and invited our families to join us for a night of meaningful worship, fellowship and fun and of course much food...

We thank the Lord for sending us generous people who donated food for the fellowship and for everyone who were there to celebrate with us.

It was one very meaningful event as families were seated together as they sang songs of praise and worship to the Lord our Maker; as they together listened to the Christmas message; as they ate together and simply enjoyed the presence of one another.

It was a relaxing evening, full of smiles and laughter and food.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of fellowship, for our friends, and for our families whom we hold dear in our hearts. May this Christmas season be a time for really embracing you in our lives and for cherishing the gift of loved ones.