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STC Spreads Christmas Cheers

We look forward to the Christmas season for so many reasons: it's about the gifts that we will receive, the money that we can have and the food that we can eat. This season is also one opportunity to share our love to others.

A yearly tradition that has span years, Trinitarians shared their blessings by contributing some basic grocery stuff life milk, energy drink, noodles, rice, detergent bars, powdered soup and others and these were all gathered together. In the early morning of December 19, these stuff were distributed by the STC officers to the neighbouring sugarcane fields where the sacadas (sugarcane field workers) were working. It was a surprise gift for the unsuspecting workers as they received the simple blessings distributed to them.

"Nothing can compare to the joy that you feel, when you give and you know that that person could not pay you back. It melts my heart to see their genuine smiles and teary eyes" one Trinitarian said.

Meanwhile, the high school department held a Christmas fellowship together with the students of the Romanito Maravilla National High School. The event started with a talk given by Sir Aragon Dechimo about the essence of the Christmas season. After this, the students enjoyed the fellowship games, the special number and of course the simple gift giving.

It doesn't matter how much we can give, but what really matters most is our motive when we give. It's the heart that counts most.