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Spring Time in China: A Chinese Gala Presentation

As a Chinese Christian school, Trinity will always have a deep connection with China. It's very obvious because, those who founded the school were Chinese Christians whose love for the Lord Almighty brought about a school founded on the desire to offer quality Christian education to the young.

And so every Foundation Week, Trinitarians get to celebrate their connection to Chinese culture and heritage. For this year's matinee and gala celebration, the theme was "Spring Time in China". The gala night held last October 26 at 6PM focused more on what took place during spring time in China.

Trinitarians danced to the theme of spring season as the time of growth, rebirth, and a start of better times once again.

The presentation spoke of freshness as preschool children dressed as flowers and bees frolicked on the stage; as elementary students depicted the time of harvest and the flower festival.

High School students meanwhile were portrayed as gallant warriors and graceful Chinese ladies. Audience were serenaded by a haunting flute rendition and soulful vocal duets.

That was one magical night as parents and grandparents trooped in school, watched the performances of their children and delighted in them.

The 39th Founding Anniversary of the school is indeed another manisfestation of God's goodness. And as the school moves onward, we pray to the LOrd Almighty to continue to bless her endeavors.