S Trinity Christian School News



This is gonna be a great year for all Trinitarians!

The year 2010 opened with a loud bang for all Trinitarians. Series of activities have been keeping all students busy.

January kicks off as the Bible month celebration. All Trinitarians are in for a great Bible adventure; the preschool and elementary students are all composed to journey through the Bible through a series of worship services, quiz bees, games and outreaches.

All high school students are having their 4-day class retreats, away from the hustle and bustle of school concerns. This month long activity is a venue to address the spiritual needs of the students. Personal relationship with the Lord Almighty should be given prime importance thus this month is solely dedicated for this exciting escapade.

Next in line are the inter school academic excellence contests, the MTAP Dep Ed Math Challenge and other quiz bees that would test the Trinitarians' academic skills. There is also the Science Week to look forward to that will test the creative minds of the students to concoct weird science experiments, practical science projects and other stuff.

Indeed there is so much at stake during the remaining days of the school and what a better way to start by doing things right!